Titelbild Activity Report

Degrowth Vienna was active in different projects and forms in 2021. Therefore, we decided to publish our first annual activity report with an overview over projects, workshops, finances and a lot more.


The Activity Report includes general information on the association’s purpose and goals, details on our two big projects (Degrowth & Strategy publication, Solidarische Postwachstumsstadt), efforts of the public relations working group, our participation in the political discourse in Austria, details on the new TRANSREAL project (in cooperation with WU Vienna and Umweltbundesamt), a summary of our finances, an outlook for the year ahead, and an overview of the team.

Why an Activity Report?

Degrowth Vienna developed profoundly since organising the 2020 conference and we now have many different activities that together support us in our collective goals. Additionally, we are prioritizing to establishin ourselves as a stable organisation with decent renumeration for our paid positions. This activity report, our first, gives insight in the projects and activities carried out in the year following the conference.