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Degrowth Vienna is an organisation independent of political parties and is dependent on private donations as well as project funding (both public and private). Your regular financial support helps us to continue our work, decrease the uncertainty of irregular funding, and thus enhance our playability. We are mainly a volunteer based association – though we have some remunerated coordination positions and ongoing costs for the IT infrastructure like the website and e-mail accounts, printing material for events, etc. Therefore we would greatly appreciate your ongoing  financial support!

Apart from helping us stay alive as a self-organize association, as a supporting member you also  receive regular updates on our activities and are invited to our annual general assembly. If you want the ability to also vote at the general assembly, then we invite you to become an active member.

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    Beitragsvorschlag / Suggestion for contribution:

    Students and/or low-income people - freie spende /free donation
    Good income and/or secure job - 120€/year
    Institutions and organizations - 240€/year