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In 2018, Degrowth Vienna formed to organize the Degrowth Vienna 2020 Conference on Strategies for Social-Ecological Transformation. But after that we didn’t want to stop spreading our vision. By now, we are a group of 20-30 people from very different backgrounds with a common goal: to bring forward the social-ecological transformation and to anchor it in people’s minds on a local and global level.

As an active member you will be part of a young, mainly volunteer team and can get involved in one of our projects or working groups. We are always happy to welcome new snails who want to work with us towards the social-ecological transformation.

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Feel free to let us know about your motivation, your relation to degrowth, how you heard about us, maybe in which project you are interested in etc. 

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PS: You would like to support us but you don’t have the time? Then we are also happy about your financial support.

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