Solidarische Postwachstumsstadt

About the project

We bring the discussion about a degrowth society to Vienna level!

The vision of a Degrowth City (“Solidarische Postwachstumsstadt”), is oriented on the good life for all within ecological boundaries. This can only be realized if basic societal functions are growth independent. we explore the question of what this can mean for Vienna and in Vienna. With a perspective on local and global relations, urban structures and organization, we want to think critically and constructively about Vienna’s urban development.

As we are convinced that transformation needs alliances, we want to do this together with actors who are already pushing the socio-ecological transformation on Vienna’s level. We will also explore concepts like the care revolution, doughnut economics, circular economy, commons andthe foundational economy in workshops, talks and discussions.

You can find news and events about our project “Solidarische Postwachstumsstadt” on our social media channels. If you would like to join the project or support our work, we would be happy to hear from you!

More infos on the topic:

Presentation of the book “Postwachstumsstadt” at the Degrowth Vienna 2020 Conference

Discussion “Good Housing for All” at the Degrowth Vienna 2020 Conference

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